Ultimate Guide to Chef’s Knives Types

From dicing and slicing to paring and carving, every chef and kitchen needs a quality set of chef’s knives. Whether you are ready to buy or add some new knives to your collection of Germany- or Japanese-made knives or simply looking for a hint on where to start, this page will help you make some educated choices on which knives to buy on a particular occasion. In order to break it down for you, we went ahead and researched some different kinds of knives, as well as the right type one should buy when they have a specific occasion.

What Chef’s Knives do any Kitchen Need?

If you are a chef, you must agree that the job became easier if only you had the suitable knives; the right and quality blade allows you to achieve higher precision and improve your skills. Different blades serve different functions in any kitchen. You might need a paring blade and an ordinary chef’s edge for those who cook on occasion. However, suppose you are a kitchen guy like me and enjoy cooking every day. In that case, you might need to experiment with some knives with different cooking, a more extensive range of quality Japanese Honshu knives come with more than cutting edge but also in a range that fits every need of a chef. Essentially, the kind of blades you need in your kitchen depends on your skills and cooking, as well as the techniques you need from a knife.

Types of Kitchen Knives

Chef’s Knives

This is a multi-purpose blade found in many kitchens. It’s main am is to slice and dice some desert or onions. They come in different sizes; some come in larger blades while others in a narrow frame; all are customized to dice or slice your cooking ingredient. Most of them come in 6 to 14 inches, and they are ideal for dicing and cutting meat and vegetables, disjointing some herbs, and chopping nuts.

Utility Knives

Longer than kitchen and paring blades but comes in a shorter design when compared with chef’s blades, the utility blade is a strong and rounder option in your kitchen. Available in both straight and serrated blade style, you will hear chefs calling them sandwich knives/blades in most kitchens. They’re ideal for slicing buns, meat, bagels, cutting and chopping vegetables, and slicing herbs.

Vegetable Knives

As their name suggests, a kitchen vegetable blade is mainly or exclusively used to cut herbs and vegetables. (https://www.originalknives.no) Though most chefs’ knives can perform this, vegetable knives tend to be heavy, making it easy to slice any herbs and vegetables. (https://www.originalknives.no/kokkekniv/) They come in 7 to 10 inches, and it is ideal for preparing some herbs, vegetables, which include chopping, dicing, slicing, and cutting your dinner spices. You cannot use this type of knife to cut meat or any other heavy tasks. (https://www.originalknives.no/kjokkenkniv/)

Final world

Understanding your knives‘ purpose and where to use them helps you master your skills and improve your meal cooking speed. Our guide is based on some ordinary options; before buying any blade for your kitchen, be sure to conduct your research and be sure you need it in your kitchen.