Most popular types of bikes

Most popular types of bikes

Ever since the invention of the ancestor of today’s modern bicycles in 1817, this vehicle has been used for recreational activities as well as for transport or the practice of cycling. When choosing a bicycle you have to ask yourself couple questions, such as: Do you want to use it as a means of transportation to and from work as a means of recreation or for hiking? Depending on the answer to these questions, you can take the first step in identifying the right bicycle for you. So, here are the most common types of bicycles(hybridsykkel) and the purposes for which they were created:

1. City bikes

As the name suggests, this type of bicycle is designed for road trips. They can be identified very easily after the curved down horns and very narrow tires. Also, the frame of such a bike is very easy. In general, city or road bikes are equipped with extra equipment for optimal use at high speeds or in inclined plane. As a distinctive feature, it is also possible to remember the user’s hooked position.

2. Mountain Bike

As the name says, these MTB bikes are used by those who are passionate about mountain hiking on such a vehicle. To cope with rough terrain, this bike is equipped with wider tires for better grip and traction. As far as the horns are concerned, they are generally straight and the mtb bike user adopts a straight position in the saddle. Depending on the land and the way they are used, MTBs are divided into several categories, the most important being: Cross Country (XC) – for rugged terrain with narrow paths with climbs and descents. They must be lightweight to allow easy sloping, but also robust, for good damping on the descent. Downhill (DH) – used for technical descent on a very rugged mountain terrain. Unlike Cross Country, they are heavier, have bigger suspensions, hydraulic brakes, and rims and special tires. All Mountain (AM) – is located between the two types above. Thus, they have a medium weight, being heavier than XC, but lighter than DH, and higher-suspension suspensions.

3. Hybrid bikes

They are a combination of city bike(terrengsykkel) and mountain bike, a type that is increasingly used today. Generally, hybrid bikes have borrowed from the MTBs the 3-sheet system, the handlebars that give the user a higher position. Some of them also took over the brake system on the discs. On the other hand, the road bikes took over the 700c (700 mm diameter) wheels as well as the rigid frame without suspension. Further, hybrid bikes are marketed in several variants, depending on usage, but the difference between them is rather ambiguous and difficult to define by someone who does not have the necessary technical knowledge.

4. BMX Bikes

Popular among young people, BMX bikes(birk) are used by those who go cycling to a whole new level. Thus, those who love stunts and tricks of any kind usually opt for such bikes(sykkelbutikk oslo). Thus, this type of bicycle is characterized by the small and robust frame, as well as the possibility of turning the horns and the front wheel to 360 degrees, which makes it possible to make the most crazy tricks.